Friday, 15 February 2013

Water Testing During e-week

To develop entrepreneurship skill in students, during e-week student members of V.ReCon collected drinking samples from various multistory buildings, reputed school and restaurant,etc. as detailed below :
Multistory Buildings :                                                  Schools :                                                  
Balaji Tower                                                                   Srn International Public School                
Akshay Patra                                                                  Adarsh Vidhya Mandir                            
Lotus Tower                                                                   Defence Public School
Panorama                                                                       Jaipiur Cabridge Academy
Goldan Dom                                                                   Govt.Sr.Sec.School,Malviya Nagar
Restaurents :                                                               Gyan Jyoti Public School
 Chhabra Restaurant, Malviya Nagar                               Bhabha Sr.Sec.School, Viashali Nagar

The Students contacted the head of the Institution / Organization gave Introduction of the VIT Campus, Presented the brochure of the institution and V.ReCon and collected the samples.
The students explained that for the first time we are collecting and testing the samples free of charge in future if you want to get the samples tested you have to pay the requisite testing charges. The water samples tested at their own in the environmental engineering laboratory, prepared the analysis report and delivered it to the concerned authorities personally with a letter of thanks.

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